Pastor. Ssozi Joram Gladys FX

Mr. Ssozi Joram Gladys FX is a Director of support Functions at G.C.C He was born on 29th May 1974 is married to Namata Pauline and God has blessed them with Ssesanga Benon, Ssemambo Jonathan, Nassozi Prudence and Ssegujja Jonathan. He is the Son to Mr/Mrs Ssegujja Christopher and Nakankya Gladys of Kayinja Bugerere, he is the third born to his father and mother.

He stayed with his mother and all his life till he finished school. He is from a humble family and valued God as No.1, then discipline and hard work. They used to have a family alter at 8PM everyday which she still does. It was an extended family with a few of her relatives and children.

He was born again on 8th October 2006 after having challenges in marriage thats when Jesus met me with my wife and we both gave our lives to Christ in one day under the witness of Pastor Isaac Kituka we both went through discipleship classes.

Activities that Believers Grow through in my Department

  • Weekly Fellowships
  • Departmental Fellowships
  • Discipleship Classes
  • Bible Leadership Classes


The body of Christ needs to acknowledge leadership, allow the holly spirit to guide us and to embark on activities that build the kingdom Mat 6:33. Proper and humble leadership still a challenge to the body of Christ.

We call upon the ministers to come and be equipped for the ministry


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    Email: joramssozi@gloriousch.org