About Us

About Us

Glorious Church of Christ Ministries Bunamwaya, located 200 meters from Bunamwaya-Ngobe Road, P.O. Box 259 Nateete-Kampala, Uganda, began as a cell group of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship under Miracle Centre Church Mutundwe-Kabaawo Zone, Kampala, Uganda. It was nurtured in the home of Mr. Lule on Kisigula Road. Since then, it has evolved through various stages and rental locations with semi-structured facilities. Today, it proudly owns a home with a permanent structure for the School of Ministry and a semi-permanent tent for the church.


Grounded in the finished work of Christ on the cross, Glorious Church of Christ Ministries has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving community of faith. Through His ultimate sacrifice, we have found strength, purpose, and unity, enabling us to build a steadfast foundation for worship and ministry. This journey reflects the transformative power of the cross, guiding us from transient places to a permanent home where we continue to nurture and equip believers for the work of the ministry. In Christ’s enduring love, we find the inspiration to persevere and flourish, embodying the hope and redemption offered through His sacrifice.


Church Vision

A Glorious church that is blameless without spot or wrinkle.


Our Mission

To win souls and disciple them in Christ.