Intercessory Department

The Intercessory Department, anchored in the finished work of Christ on the cross, is devoted to standing in the gap for our church, community, and the world through fervent prayer. Empowered by Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, our objectives are clear:

1. Analyze the Local Community: We diligently assess the spiritual and physical needs within our community, ensuring our prayers are targeted and impactful.

2. Assess Congregational Strengths and Abilities: We evaluate our congregation’s unique strengths and capabilities in intercession, enabling us to respond effectively and with faith.

3. Determine Appropriate Responses: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we identify specific prayer focuses that align with our congregation’s strengths and the pressing needs of our community, inspired by the sacrificial love of Christ.


Our Focus Areas

– Compassion: We lift up the immediate needs of individuals, families, and communities in prayer, interceding for provision, healing, and restoration. Inspired by Christ’s compassion on the cross, we bring every urgent need before the throne of grace.

– Assistance: We pray for broader community changes, including welfare, housing, education, economic development, and health services. Empowered by the cross, we seek divine intervention for long-term improvements and community well-being.

4. Offer Encouragement and Support: We provide encouragement and support for those engaged in intercessory prayer, fostering a spirit of unity and perseverance derived from the cross.

5. Track Activities: We meticulously track prayer requests, answers to prayers, and the activities of our intercessory team, ensuring accountability and celebrating God’s faithfulness.

6. Provide Spiritual, Educational, and Social Events: We organize prayer meetings, workshops, and social gatherings to strengthen our community’s faith and promote Godly relationships. Through these events, we extend the message of the cross, drawing people closer to Jesus through the power of prayer.

Guided by the finished work of Christ on the cross, our objectives are clear: to intercede with compassion, assist with dedication, encourage with love, and connect through meaningful prayer and fellowship. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24) This mission, rooted in the cross, drives our commitment to intercession and transformation in our community.