Out-Reach Ministry
 The purpose of the Outreach ministry is to model Christ’s concern for people, both individually and collectively in communities. The reason we exists is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet through personal witnessing. Outreach ministries are called to deal with the needs and concerns of persons beyond the congregation, relating the ministry of the local church to the needs of the world through compassion, justice, and advocacy.

Our Objectives:

To analyze the local community to determine the breadth and scope of needs.
To assess congregational strengths and abilities for outreach.
To determine appropriate responses within the congregation’s abilities, strengths and interests.
Compassion – involves addressing the immediate needs of individuals, families, and communities (food, clothing, emergency housing, employment, etc.).
Assistance – involves addressing changes in local communities related to welfare, long-term housing, education, community economic development, health services, etc.
To offer encouragement and support for those participating in outreach ministries
To track the activities of the church through sponsored events, activities, and the actions of individuals’,
This ministry provides spiritual, educational, and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships. We want to provide a church family to those in our community and the surrounding areas who don’t know Jesus.

Our Goals

Our goal is to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and break every yoke. We will accomplish this through a number of different areas of outreach:’,